Our product

Our product

Since the beginning, the business profile of our company has been oriented towards the innovative production, based on a PE extrusion method, of strips which are used in the process of tubing / shirring of natural intestine casings. This way we managed to impart a unique multi-stringed structure to the strip. The structure determines its properties: it provides the strip with elasticity and enables very good water admission.

It is on the machines dedicated for this purpose, originated from reputable European companies – leaders of plastic industry machine sector, where the accessory is created in the form of a strip allowing for safe and effective – from the point of view of a charcuterie manufacturer – confection of such intestine, which consists in its tubing / shirring after it is sorted, measured and calibrated and before it reaches a charcuterie producer. The natural (mutton, pork, beef) intestines tubed on our strips are supplied to a company producing sausages. In the course of production the intestines are transferred from the strip onto a production machine nozzle and the strips are utilised afterwards.


As compared to competition, the strip produced by our Company has useful qualities and properties, which significantly influence its effective and safe application in the food industry, as:

  • it is optimally functional because of a proper profile-shape, dimensions and colour range,
  • it is functional in use– the multi-stringed structure equips it with all physical properties that allow for safe and efficient intestine tubing process: proper elasticity, slip and surface texture enabling proper water admission in the tubing process,
  • it meets strict hygiene standards – we are a holder of National Institute of Hygiene attestation (Certificate of Health Quality),
  • it may be detectable by scanners – in the final stage of its application in charcuterie production, thanks to the applied detectable additives, it is possible to identify the location of its fragments in charcuterie products,
  • it is patent-protected -– the utility model of our product has a certificate of EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property Office.